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A University of Cambridge spin-out company developing a new therapy for haemophilia
ApcinteX is seeking to disrupt the $10 billion haemophilia market by developing a drug that can be used in all patients, regardless of the type of haemophilia. This novel treatment is based on the work of Professor Jim Huntington (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research) and Dr Trevor Baglin (Cambridge University Hospitals), world-renowned experts in blood clotting disorders.

400,000 individuals in the world are affected by haemophilia

a genetic disorder that causes uncontrolled bleeding

SerpinPC inhibits APC, which degrades the complex that makes thrombin.
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Jim Huntington interview with European Hematology Association
ApcinteX Team

ApcinteX closed a £14M Series A to take SerpinPC to clinical proof of concept in haemophilia patients.

Current SAB members/consultants

Chuck Esmon, David Lillicrap, Michael Makris, John Pasi, Flora Peyvandi, Steve Pipe

Jim Huntington
Founder & CEO
Trevor Baglin
Founder & CMO
Patrick Hextall
CMC Manager
Jo Davies
IP Manager
Kevin Johnson
Lisa Patel
LISA Patel
IP Group
email: jim@apcintex.com